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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Partnership brings advanced coding capabilities with CORVID, Wix’s Open Development Platform, for Web Development Projects requiring custom functionality.

Wix Headquarters Tel Aviv

ATLANTA - July 22, 2020 - Starting Gate Marketing, a 5-star customer rated Wix Agency Partner in the Greater Atlanta Area, founded by Steve Crayne, is ecstatic to announce the company’s partnership with Wix Monster, an Israeli based Wix Agency and one of the first certified CORVID developers in the world. This partnership allows Starting Gate Marketing to tackle any web development project requiring advanced E-commerce capabilities, third party API’s, database management and more. If you can dream it, CORVID can bring your dream to live.

“When I first met Benny Glaser, owner of Wix Monster, I was blown away with his vast knowledge of Wix and CORVID. His skills in scoping out advance coding projects and communicating them in layman terms is second to none. His gift to understand the user experience has helped many of my clients,” said Steve Crayne.

Crayne continued, “as Starting Gate Marketing grows into advanced web development, I knew how critical it would be to find a Wix coder with the same values I have for service and value. But more than anything else, I found a friend in Israel, a place I have only dreamed about visiting. That is the beauty of Wix, it brings web designers from across the globe together to build incredible websites”


Wix Monster, is a small monsterly company located in Tel Aviv and founded by Benny Glaser. They are a leading Wix Agency Partner and CORVID Certified, pushing the boundaries in designing Wix websites with advanced functionality.


Starting Gate Marketing is a Wix web design agency providing 5-star customer rated creative web design from start to finish, with an intense drive to exceed customer expectations through unmatched customer service, advanced SEO, creativity, timely communication, and unparalleled value.

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