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Introducing Wix Studio - Fully Responsive Web Design

Premium Brand Brings Design & Development Features to New Heights!

What Lexus is to Toyota, so is Wix Studio to Wix Editor. A premium brand to take your website to places you only dreamed of with responsive web design and development features. Starting Gate Marketing will be attending an intensive Wix workshop in NYC and be offering Wix Studio websites in the fall of 2023.

Wix Studio will be available for new websites only.

Wix Studio design features rival all competitors and include:

  • Custom breakpoints Design and optimize sites for every screen size imaginable.

  • Design with pixels Design with pixels that are automatically converted to responsive units behind the scenes.

  • Responsive AI Make sites instantly responsive in just a click of a button.

  • Pixel-perfect positioning Define exact positioning for each element, including docking, margins, sizing and more at each breakpoint.

  • Packaged responsiveness Choose from out-of-the-box responsive behaviors like scale proportionally, hug, fixed and fit to screen.

  • Triggers & animations Grow, fade, slide, wiggle: animate any element on entrance, loop, click, hover, and scroll.

  • Section Grid Pick from grid layouts and customize cells intuitively.

  • Repeater Display unique content in uniform style that can be seamlessly updated with an integrated CMS.

  • CSS Grid Create intricate layouts with precise element positioning per breakpoint.

Website Development Concept

For clients requiring advanced development capabilities, Wix Studio offers an unapparelled suite of options:

  • Full-stack dev platform Write client and server-side code in a full-stack dev platform that’s ready for production.

  • 100s of APIs Customize and extend app behavior leveraging a suite of Wix’s industry-leading APIs.

  • Build apps with Blocks Package your solutions into apps and add-ons to reuse across sites or sell on Wix’s 245M+ user app market.

  • Built-in IDE Step up dev productivity and get granular in UI design with a VS Code-based IDE that deploys updates rapidly.

  • Database collections Store data natively in our CMS, or integrate external databases from cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud and more.

  • Develop alongside AI Use a Wix-enriched AI model within the IDE to generate code examples, troubleshoot your code, and query product answers.

  • Headless Take our business solutions to any tech stack across multiple frontends using composable APIs.

  • Connect to GitHub Develop your Wix site locally and in collaboration with your teammates.

  • Site monitoring Connect to tools like Google Operations or Loggly, to gather events and get visibility into client site health.

Get a Free Tour of Wix Studio:


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