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Digital Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Advertising Management:

Advertising campaign management involves our team’s monthly running of paid campaigns across social media and Google. We manage the budget, set up the campaigns, and adjust the bid strategies as needed to ensure efficient and effective use of funds. Our daily work includes monitoring campaigns and experimenting with different variations of graphics, copy, and bid strategies to optimize results for:

  • Cost per click (defined as website visit)

  • Cost per action

Your campaigns' data will be tracked and analyzed via a custom dashboard that our team will provide (via the Business Intelligence Platform).


This service fee does not include advertising budget. We require a minimum monthly budget of $300 in order to drive meaningful results. Depending on your advertising budget allocation and campaign goals, we can provide specific recommendations and forecasts for traffic as we plan the advertising campaign.


PPC Management KPIs—CPC, CPA, Net New Conversions Attributed to Advertising Campaigns

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