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SEO Plans
for Small Businesses

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Delivering the RIGHT Customers to Your Door!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in generating leads and growing your business and Starting Gate Marketing SEO Plans & Services are custom designed to meet your business goals, whether you seek local or national exposure with one goal, bringing your target audience to your website, and growing your business. There is no one size fits all!

We start all plans with a complete audit of your website, in depth keyword analysis and competitor analysis. At the end of each month will meet via Zoom to review progress.

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No Contracts Required!

Plans are customized based on your goals and include a combination of the following:

  • Content Optimization

  • Additional Page Optimization

  • Blog Posts

  • Google Business Posts

  • FAQ's for Google Business

  • Page Specific FAQ's for Website

  • Backlink Campaign

  • Search Directory Listings

  • Monthly Progress Review via Zoom

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Just need basics SEO setup? Our basic setup plan is just $275 for a 5 page website Keyword & Competitor Research On-page SEO for 5 pages, services and products. (Important: to achieve optimal SEO results we will tweak your content as needed to match the most popular keywords we agree upon.) Local structured data creation and implementation on home or contact page Google Search Console setup Google Analytics Set Up Google My Business Set Up ​Completion timescale: ​A maximum of 10 working (Monday to Friday) days once the website content if complete.

SEO Case Studies

Our SEO services for small businesses will help you maximize your ROI with targeted keyword research, reporting & insights to increase your website's authority, trust and expertise. We use proven strategies to help you rank higher on search engine results pages, driving more visitors to your website and generating more leads for your business.

SEO Learning Center

SEO Learning Center

SEO Learning Center
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Intro to SEO | Wix SEO

Intro to SEO | Wix SEO

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How to Optimize Your Page Content for SEO | Wix SEO

How to Optimize Your Page Content for SEO | Wix SEO

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How to Optimize Your Website’s Title Tags | Wix SEO

How to Optimize Your Website’s Title Tags | Wix SEO

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions and Answers

I cannot find my site on Google, can you help?

If you may have created or submitted a new page or sitemap and/or requested indexing. It can take time for Google to fully publish your page; allow at least one week after submitting these documents before assuming there is an issue with it!

One effortless way to check is by putting the following syntax and website into Google search engine and see if it is listed.

If it is not listed, then there could be a problem with the page setup and SEO.

How do I get to the first page in search results?

Getting on to the first page of Google for any keywords can be tricky. There are lots of things that can be done to improve rankings and doing thorough keyword research is one of the most important things to be done. Local based websites are easier to rank for than national but having good on page optimization is necessary.

Contact us for more information.

How many keywords can I have on my website?

If you want a targeted approach to keywords in a specific industry, then it is better to concentrate on one keyword per page or service. Google is constantly changing its algorithm so what is best today may not be the best tomorrow. Google is concentrating increasingly on user experience so answering the users query is most important. Long tailed keywords are playing a bigger part so you can put about three main keywords within title tags that will be picked up in the search ending providing content and the on-page SEO has been done right.

What is a Title Tag?

The title can be found in the browser title bar at the top of the search engine page, as well as in the search engine results pages (SERP). The title tag should contain your keywords.

What is a Meta Description?

A page's meta description tag is meant to give the user an idea of the content that exists within the page and how it relates to their search query. This is displayed as part of the search snippet in a search engine results page (SERP).

What is the difference between a title tag and H1?

The main difference between a page title and an h1 tag is that the page title is shown in the browser window and search results snippet. The h1 tag is only shown on the page itself but Google sometimes uses the H1 tag to rewrite the title tag if it thinks it is a better title for the user’s query. 

How much does SEO Cost?

How long is a piece of string would be easier to answer. It all comes down to budget, how much you charge for products or services. Some well-done low budget SEO can pay dividends. However, keeping up with SEO is especially important so factor in a monthly allowance to tweak where necessary.

How long does SEO take?

SEO does take time to show results. Basically, a rule of thumb is from doing the SEO it could take 3 months or more to see results depending on factors such as competition, locality is it an ecommerce site and many more factors.

What are the five most crucial factors in getting my website to the first page?

  1. Unique excellent quality content.

  2. Good keyword research.

  3. Quality on page SEO

  4. Ease of use

  5. Page speed

What is the difference between local and national SEO?

The difference between local and national in a nutshell is that national is aiming towards a bigger market audience where local is as it says more a local area. Ecommerce sites are usually more national and require a bigger SEO budget as you will usually be competing with more competition. Local SEO can be done on a cheaper budget as you have less competition to go up against.

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