SEO Plans


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in generating leads and growing your business and Starting Gate Marketing SEO Plans are designed to bring your target audience to your website.

Our dedicated SEO team is led by Wix expert, and Google Analytics Certified Professional, Mark Preston, and all our plans feature:

  • No Contracts!

  • Month to Month, Cancel Any Time!

  • Customized Plans Based On:

    • Your Goals

    • Target Audience

    • Target Location

  • In Depth Keyword Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Branded end-of-month SEO report (ranking results, analytics data and backlink

Don't see a plan that fits your needs or budget? No worries, we have bespoke plans to fit every business and budget. 

Just schedule an SEO Consultation where we will go over your needs and ask you these important questions:

  1. Describe your clients to me in under 10 words.

  2. What do you want your company to be known for?

  3. How would one of your customers describe your business?

  4. Now, how would you describe your business in only three words?

  5. What would need to happen for you to see the SEO campaign we run as successful?

  6. What is the value of your average customer to your business?