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ADA Compliance for Website Accessibility

Making sure your website is accessible gives everyone an equal opportunity to use your website. With Starting Gate Marketing's accessibility solutions, we make sure everyone thrives - in an inclusive web experience.

Our experts will audit your website and make sure it's compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)


Benefits of implementing accessibility features


Make your website accessible to all, avoid accessibility violations on the code level, and enable a tailored experience with user-triggered enhancements.

Get Guaranteed Accessibility Statement

Generate an accessibility statement and pass audit with guaranteed success. Show the world that your website is accessible to all - and mitigate the legal risks for your organization.

Become WCAG
and ADA compliant

Get fully compliant with the top standards. Your WiX site will 100% comply with WCAG 2.1, ADA, and other standards specific to your country and industry.

Stay Compliant
as You Scale

Stays on top of all new WiX sites and pages you create, ensuring compliance for the present and the future. Small or big, all websites are fully covered.

Is Your Site Accessible? Use Our Free Accessibility Tool Now!

Get an Accessibility Statement.
Declare your website is Compliant

Once you enable and fix your website's accessibility warnings, you will get a Statement of Compliance with the WCAG and ADA standards.


Generate the Statement after all accessibility issues are addressed. Declare to the world that you are compliant with the globally recognized standards of Accessibility.

Get Started Today!


Annual plan required

$99 One-Time Setup

Includes full widget setup and site review, page by page, with manual overrides and adjustments, and updating your website's Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement.

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