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Lead the Digital Scene with a Premier Web Design Agency in Charlotte

Professional web design is important for making a strong impact in Charlotte's dynamic digital scene. We are Starting Gate Marketing, your go-to web design agency in Charlotte.

As one of Charlotte's top web design firms and a top 10 Wix Agency Partner, we aim to boost your online presence. We work hard to ensure your site is seen and remembered.

Why Professional Web Design is Key

In today's marketplace, your website introduces your brand. As a top Charlotte web design company, Starting Gate Marketing knows that design impacts more than looks.


It's about setting a positive first impression, engaging visitors, and converting them into customers. From capturing attention to nurturing interest, we cover every angle to align your website with your business goals.

We use the following factors to create an impactful online presence.

A Commitment to Excellence & Client Satisfaction

Starting Gate Marketing’s success results from our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. From the moment a client engages with us, we prioritize understanding their unique business goals and vision for their website. Our skilled team then leverages their expertise to create visually stunning, user-friendly websites optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Making a Lasting First Impression

An essential aspect of any business and an important part of creating the best web design in Charlotte, NC, is providing a lasting first impression. The initial seconds when visitors land on your website can determine their perception of your business. A professional design ensures this critical moment is positive, setting a favorable tone for their entire experience.

Captivating Your Audience

A professional web design goes beyond keeping your leads on the page. It actively captivates your audience, encouraging them to explore your brand. This exploration is key to diverting potential customers from competitors to you. With our expertise, your website will grab and hold attention, engaging visitors by sharing your brand's story and offerings.

Inviting Engagement and Conversion

A well-designed website serves as your business's front door, welcoming visitors to explore what you offer. At Starting Gate Marketing, we craft visually appealing and highly functional websites. Our approach is designed to pique visitors' curiosity and guide them toward engaging with your content, setting the stage for conversion.

Nurturing Visitor Interest

Beyond initial engagement, keeping your audience's attention is crucial. Our web design strategy focuses on captivating your audience with a compelling brand story and user experience. This ensures that visitors are not just passing through but are encouraged to delve deeper into what makes your brand unique.


With our expertise, we create spaces that keep potential customers interested and invested in your narrative.

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Bridging Web Design and Digital Marketing

In Charlotte's fiercely competitive digital real estate market, securing a comprehensive online presence means more than owning a well-designed website.

Recognizing this, Starting Gate Marketing is your trusted Charlotte web design agency. Here, we combine our web design expertise with strategic search engine optimization and digital marketing services.

This integrated approach amplifies your brand's online visibility and engagement. It ensures our clients benefit from a visually stunning website and a robust digital marketing strategy.

This strategy is designed to drive traffic, effectively engage audiences, and convert visitors into loyal customers, utilizing the latest in digital marketing and SEO.

What's Our Approach?

Charlotte's dynamic scene is teeming with startups and visionaries. Therefore, standing out demands a strategic edge.

Here’s how we make your mark right out of the gate:


  • Distinctive Presence: Essential for outpacing the competition. Our web designers ensure you're seen and remembered.

  • Engaging Websites: Our creations are designed to capture Google's attention and deeply connect with your audience, setting us apart as a premier web design company in Charlotte.

  • Excellence in Execution: We are insanely focused on delivering stunning websites. Each is rich in advanced SEO optimization and content, enhancing your online footprint.

  • Goal-Oriented Results: Elevating your Google Search rankings and growing your business, reflecting our status among the top Charlotte web design companies.

  • Client-Centric Focus: Recognized by over 300 5-star reviews on Wix & Google, our dedication to understanding and responding to client needs is unparalleled.

Visualizing Success:

Much like the allure of Charlotte's iconic skyline, your site and brand will captivate visitors’ interest instantly.

Serving Diverse Ambitions:

Whether you're a CEO, a single parent starting fresh, or a retiree chasing a dream, we can bring your vision to life. Every project, regardless of size, receives our full attention.

Our Commitment to Excellence:


  • Captivating Web Design & SEO Mastery: Specializing in creating websites that catch Google's eye and captivate your audience, each equipped with advanced SEO to boost rankings and expand busines

  • Client-Centric Approach & Growing Together: Our responsiveness and understanding of client goals and our mission to grow your business demonstrate our commitment to being more than just a provider — we are your partner.

Our Edge:

  • Comprehensive Strategy & Unmatched Customer Experience: As one of the leading Charlotte web design firms, we establish ourselves as the premier choice for small business web design in Charlotte.

  • Exceptional Value & Business-Centric: Our insane focus on providing unparalleled value and tailoring services uniquely positions us among Charlotte's web design firms. We are dedicated to fitting your specific business needs.

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What Makes Us Unique

What sets Starting Gate Marketing apart from other Charlotte web design companies? A considerable part of it is our steadfast support for your business. Our deep expertise and genuine passion for our client's success transform us from service providers into true partners.

With Starting Gate Marketing, your transition to "simply amazing" starts now — we’ll make your website sizzle like a sultry Charlotte summer.

Here are some key areas where our expertise and experience differentiate us from other website designing companies.

Proven Expertise & Experience

Starting Gate Marketing's expertise in web development and vast experience in various businesses have positioned us as a sought-after Charlotte web design company.
Whether creating a visually appealing website for a new startup or developing a
complex eCommerce platform for a retail giant, our ability to deliver top-quality solutions is unparalleled.

Our Diverse Web Design Projects

Starting Gate Marketing's exceptional track record of over 300 web design projects showcases our commitment to custom web design. These projects span over 75 types of businesses, demonstrating our unparalleled ability to create diverse and engaging websites.

Our status as a top Wix web designer in Charlotte confirms our industry leadership. We are especially recognized for delivering custom web design solutions tailored to each client's unique requirements.

Tailored Solutions and Client-Centric Success

Our small team of highly skilled Charlotte web designers is current with the latest technologies, ensuring each website is precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Additionally, we engage closely with Wix, regularly meeting with their product managers to give feedback on new products and participate in beta testing.

This collaboration keeps our approach innovative, fresh, and aligned with the latest web design trends, marking us as a standout choice among Charlotte web designers for businesses of all sizes.

Notable Clients and Success Stories

Our Charlotte web design services have attracted high-profile clients. This prestigious roster includes individuals honored on notable lists and worldwide music icons.

This variety highlights our ability to serve Charlotte's small business website design needs and the demands of larger enterprises.

Here are some of the distinguished names we've had the privilege to support with successful projects:


  • Phyllis Newhouse, Named Forbes 50 over 50.

  • 2 Chainz, World-Renowned Rapper.

  • Dallas Prince, Award-Winning Jewelry Designer & SHOP HQ Star.

  • Reeves Thoroughbred Racing, Owners of Breeders' Cup Champion Mucho Macho Man.

Owner Steve Crayne's Leadership and Expertise

Steve Crayne, owner of Starting Gate Marketing, has over 25 years of relevant experience bringing online projects to fruition. His expertise covers marketing, inventory management, financial analysis, and communications.

He has collaborated with national brands, including household names like Blockbuster and Office Depot.
As Director of Marketing for Boardworks Outdoor Advertising, Steve implemented marketing and public relations strategies. These strategies branded Boardworks Outdoor Advertising as Atlanta's largest independent billboard company, attracting buyout offers. Most of the company was sold in November of 2016.
In marketing, he worked with top-tier brands to design and implement innovative campaigns that resonate with the target audience.
His comprehensive strategies in communications, purchasing, and inventory management helped companies streamline their processes. This resulted in increased efficiency and profitability

What Makes Us the Highest-Rated Web Design Company?

Starting Gate Marketing stands out as one of Charlotte's premier web design firms. This distinction is earned through our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our unique blend of expertise and passion in every project we undertake propels our renowned status in Charlotte's web design scene, affirming our leadership in the industry.

But don’t just believe us….as our clients can attest; we offer unparalleled Charlotte web design services.

Explore the drivers of our top-rated reputation and what our clients have to say about us:

1. Commitment to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

  • Every project is a chance to go beyond client expectations, driven by our foundational commitment to excellence.

  • Client Review: "I recently hired Steve to update my website...NOW, it's fantastic! He's professional, prompt, patient, and very efficient." - Techlinea Inc.

2. Extensive Experience and Expertise

  • With over 25 years in sales, marketing, and web design, our team's extensive experience and genuine passion for web design ensure outstanding outcomes.

  • Client Review: "Steve was terrific...extremely experienced. I will be using him in the future with any issues concerning Wix.” – Becca

3. Exceptional Communication and Service

  • Our commitment to transparent, efficient communication and unparalleled service distinguishes us, ensuring precise fulfillment of every client's needs.

  • Client Review: "Steven designed my coaching website...his customer service is unbelievable!" - Adam

4. Competitive Pricing for High-Quality Web Design

  • Reflecting our dedication to making high-quality web design accessible, we offer our services competitively to many businesses.

  • Client Review: "Steve consistently under promises and overdelivers, offering prompt replies and practical solutions. His reasonable fees make high-quality services accessible. Definitely recommend." - Michael

5. Specialization in User-Friendly Platforms

  • Specializing in Wix, we provide optimized, user-friendly web solutions, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Client Review: "Steve made my website improvements in a timely manner...very happy with the result." - Lisa

6. Functional and Visually Pleasing Websites

  • We focus on creating websites that are both functional and beautiful, enhancing the user experience and contributing to our clients' success.

  • Client Review: “Steve made our school's website more interesting and visually appealing. He also pointed out and fixed several things hindering our site from being easily found on the web." - St. Cats School

7. Skilled Team and Innovative Approach

  • Our small, highly skilled team leverages the latest technologies for tailored, cutting-edge web solutions, engaging closely with platforms like Wix for feedback and innovation.

  • Client Review: “Steve and his team were incredible...second to none.” - Jonathan

Discover more from our collection of more than 300 5-star reviews, highlighting our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Partner with a 5-Star Rated Google Web Designer in Charlotte Today

Tired of searching for web design agencies in Charlotte? Look no further. Starting Gate Marketing is your ideal partner for creating a standout online presence.

Our track record speaks volumes and demonstrates why Starting Gate Marketing is highly respected as a leader in the market. We've built a stellar reputation on exceptional service, strategic approaches, and achieving positive results consistently.


Our dedication to quality is at the heart of our operations, supported by our commitment to our clients. As a premier website designer in Charlotte, we specialize in delivering affordable web designs that cater to the unique needs of small businesses.

These designs are efficient, highly functional, and visually striking. Our Charlotte small business website design will drive meaningful results for your organization.

Ready for a new website? Book a Free Consultation with Starting Gate Marketing, a 5-Star Web Designer in Charlotte. Book Now for Wix Web Design.

Book a Web Design Consultation at Starting Gate Marketing's Charlotte Location 

Contact Information:

Steve Crayne
P: 888-614-5257

1515 Mockingbird Lane Suite 420
Charlotte, NC 28209

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