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How much does a new website for your business really cost?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

When it comes to website design pricing, there are so many entities involved in creating a website for your business.

Let us move away from website design for a moment and look at this from the perspective of building a house. Would you go to a construction company and ask them “how much will it cost to build my house?” It would be impossible for them to answer that question without first looking at your house plans. To get those plans, you would first have to appoint an architect who needs to sit down with you and fully understand your living requirements and choice of styles, amongst other things.

Now, keeping the idea of a house but relating it to your website let us look at what entities are involved in pricing up a new website for your business.

Context - The completed website is your new house

Home building plans

What is the purpose of your website? Is it to sell your products, act as an online front window of your business, or to drive new enquiries for you to convert into new customers? Much like your new home, you might be building a holiday home, a family home, or a mixture of a home for your family combined with a working office environment.

Cost of starting a website:

How many pages do you require on your new website? In reality, you will need a dedicated page for each of your individual services, along with the standard about us, contact us, and trust related pages (testimonials/reviews). Think of these pages as rooms in your new house. The more rooms you are going to need or want, the higher the build cost is going to be.

What do you need to add to each page in order to convert your website visitors into new customers? Think of this as decorating and furnishing each room of your new house.

What functionality do you need to develop into your new website? If you need to create an online brochure of your business against a website that requires bespoke functionality, the cost is going to differ greatly. Again, in your new house, you may want an electronic garage door instead of a standard garage door that you manually open. There is a cost associated to including functions that make your life easier.

These are just the basics that enable us at Starting Gate Marketing to create a functional website that represents your business brand and tone perfectly which helps to convert all your website visitors into new customers.

When it comes to website design pricing, here at Starting Gate Marketing we have a saying: “WE DON’T COMPETE ON PRICE; WE COMPETE ON EXCELLENCE”

What do we mean by this?

Each website is a unique marketing tool to help get your business from where it is now to where you need it to be. It is a key component in your sales process, as described below:

KNOW – In order for someone to like you they must ‘know’ you exist (blogging, SEO, PPC).

LIKE – In order for someone to trust you they must first ‘like’ you (your unique story – why you?).

TRUST – In order for someone to buy from you or contact you, they must first ‘trust’ you (reviews, testimonials, case studies).

BUY – Once you have secured your new customer, your website needs to include information that answers all their after-sales questions. A happy customer will then turn into your unpaid sales force as they will refer your business to others, they know who requires your services or products.

To answer your original question - How much does a website cost?

web design pricing

How long is a piece of string? Your website could cost a thousand dollars, or it could cost tens of thousands of dollars. It really does depend on the above.

Investing in a new quality lead conversion website that will help drive your business forward is really a must. The only question that remains is…

Can you afford not to invest in a quality website for your business?

Give us a call at 770-853-0318 or book a free business consultation so we can start a conversation which we will help to architect your new website and provide you an accurate price.


Steve Crayne

Creative Web Design from Start to Finish

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Apr 12

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May 22, 2022

This is a very interesting article with some great advice, Thanks 😊

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