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The Need for Speed: Wix Core Web Vitals Leaves Wix Competition in Rear View Mirror.

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

When clients say to me, "I hear Wix is Slow" I'm excited to now tell them they are wrong! 110% Wrong. Why? Because the amazing Wix team has made tremendous performance improvements in Core Web Vitals in the US market over the past year.


Wix competition?

We don't hear that much anymore. Wix is now one of the fastest website builders, especially when you compare it to other drag-and-drop site builders.

And we're not just talking about page speed. We're talking about all aspects of Core Web Vitals, including LCP (loading), FID (interactivity), and CLS (layout shift).

So if you're looking for a fast, reliable website builder, don't overlook Wix!

They kept working and in January 2021, the average LCP score for Wix sites was nearly 60% better than it was in May 2020.

And it's not just LCP that has seen significant improvement. All three of the Core Web Vitals metrics - LCP, FID, and CLS - have seen a marked improvement on US Wix sites.

Why are these performance improvements so important?

Because Google has said they will use Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal starting in May 2021. So if you want your site to rank well in Google search results, you need to make sure your site scores well on the Core Web Vitals metrics.

There's no better platform for achieving good scores on Core Web Vitals than Wix!


Steve Crayne

Creative Web Design from Start to Finish, Start Fast, Finish Strong!

P: 770-853-0318


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