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Top 10 Wix Features of 2022

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

While coding has become a skill that is rapidly desired in today's job market, most people today are not computer programmers or coders. To combat this, a multitude of companies have created non-coding websites to help hundreds of small business owners, creatives, and beginners alike. The creation of all these services; however, has prompted many to a simple question. What “no-code” website builder should I use? To answer this, we at Starting Gate Marketing believe that Wix’s extensive tools and unbeatable monthly price ranks it at number one. To help strengthen our argument, we created a list of our top 10 favorite wix features for 2022

1. Built-in SEO

One of the best WIX features that the web builder hosts is its built-in SEO. When you first publish your website, the google algorithm indexes it and places it in one of its many search engine result pages (SERPS). For you to rank yourself better on the SERPS organically, you must provide Google with detailed content regarding the content you’re trying to market. Thankfully, WIX automatically tries to help you curate and label your content with its built-in SEO feature! WIX also has a SEO Wizard that will generate a checklist of basic tasks for you to rank better on Google (or any other browsers) algorithm! That’s why whether the SEO task you commit on be as simple as changing your header orders to copy and pasting schema markups, we assure you that you’ll be indexed higher on any browser with the help of WIXs built in SEO!

Complete SEO Guide by Wix
Download PDF • 9.34MB

2. Mega Menu

Another one of the most key features for a successful website is the ability for a user to easily navigate it! With the Wix’s mega menu feature, now in Beta, you’ll be able to create a stunning drop-down menu with the ability to display more options within its multiple columns! While you might think that integrating this feature would take hours of learning to integrate. The mega menu: however, is one of the simplest features to integrate onto your website on this list! By clicking on the “Add” button on your site editor, you’ll see the mega menu option in the drop-down menu! You can even easily tailor it down to the exact font, color, etc. by clicking on the “Design” tab inside of the Mega Menu. Overall, the Mega Menu is one of our favorite wix features at Starting Gate Marketing because of its navigational benefits and simplicity.

Look for this amazing new feature in 2023

Do you need help making your website stand out? With WIXs strip web design feature, you’ll be able to effortlessly create a unique background to impress anybody who visits your website! Need to keep your site simple? You can keep it clean with a monotone color or a lax gradient! Need to add some pizzazz? Upload a video for users to marvel at on your webpage! To start adding these designs to your page, simply right click on the section you would like to edit and select the Change Strip Background button. Once you do that, an array of options will help you create a never-ending amount of stunning background options for you to explore!

4. Wix Logo Maker

At Starting Gate Marketing, we understand that a brand logo represents a living foundation for your company's identity. Creating a brand logo from scratch can be extremely difficult; however, WIX has a built-in solution to help you create (or at least draft) your perfect design! By using the Wix Logo Maker, you’ll be presented with a variety of options from simple to complex! If you decide to upgrade or replace your brand logo in the future, WIX makes it simple to switch it out with your previous design through its saved “my design” feature! Overall, the Wix Logo Maker is one of our favorite wix web design features for small businesses owners or beginners alike.

5. Mobile site Optimization

With the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets increasing year by year, it’s become important for web and application developers alike to optimize their content to this audience. With that being said, WIX will automatically create a mobile variant of your personal computer's browser and continually update it with each change you make. To enhance your optimization experience further, this WIX web design builder allows you to preview the mobile app and tablet display with a simple click on the small smartphone icon in the site builder. Once you're previewing the site, you’ll be able to tweak it without the worry of resizing or moving anything on your desktop website because it’s considered a completely different entity! This makes the feature a powerful tool that any user, whether they be a beginner entrepreneur or experienced web designer, can use!

6. Wix templates

Whether you are a small business owner or an experienced web designer, we can all agree that finding the perfect web design takes time. At WIX, their goals since day one has been to help people create an online space for themselves with style and ease! To do this, they’ve uploaded hundreds of templates for their users to build or get inspired from. The best part about this WIX web design features is the search bar it provides you to help gauge what type of template would be most useful for you. Once you’ve looked up the website you are trying to build, WIX will automatically display dozens of website styles for you to choose if it suits your fancy. Having said this, consider browsing through the hundreds of web design templates the next time you build a website. It might just send you the perfect design your way!

7. Wix eCommerce

Starting an online store is a daunting challenge for most beginner entrepreneurs and business owners. Starting an eCommerce site usually takes weeks of planning and hiring an external team to set up! WIX; however, allows its users to capitalize on its built-in eCommerce feature that is: easy to use, simple to start up, and an overall joy to navigate! Furthermore, WIX has also added additional features to their built-in eCommerce that make’s the store more streamlined and intuitive. One of our favorite features that it has is the abandoned cart feature! If a customer leaves something in their cart before leaving your page, WIX will send them an automatic email to lure that customer back into your pipeline!

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8. Wix App Market

To gain visitor traction to your website, you need to put unique features or curated content onto your website to make you stand out amongst the rest. At Starting Gate Marketing, we believe that the WIX App Market is one of its best features as it offers a myriad of solutions for game-changing website differentiation. With over 300 popular web apps, powerful services, and excellent features to enhance your website, you can rest easy knowing that your website will be one hundred percent tailored to suit your needs. While you might think that there is a catch for having these fully integrated applications to use; however, much to even our surprise. WIX offers most of these useful applications for completely free! It’s also worthy to note that adding these applications onto your site can be done easily through the add apps button located directly inside of the editor!

9. Customized Fonts

While there are over 800 preloaded fonts for you to use in the WIX site editor, the builder might unfortunately not have the exact font that you’ve been pining for. Thankfully, WIX has you covered for situations like these! When you build a website, typography might not be the first task in your order of importance (which is perfectly okay). The fonts you use; however, are a strong way of both building a visual balance for your website and communicating the message your website offers through its visual tone. If you find yourself a killer font that you want to integrate onto your website, the WIX editor will allow you to upload said font into any language possible for you to use! The style combination potential for this feature is endless, which is why we are proud to present it as one of the best wix web design features on this list!

Don't see a font you like in Wix? Then Google Fonts offers 100's of free fonts and allows you to type in your company name to see how it looks with each font.

10. Contributional Sharing

Much like many online editors, WIX gives you the ability to add contributors to aid you in building your website! While this ability sounds a bit sketchy at first, especially if you have confidential information such as billing information on your site, you can rest assured knowing that your additional “set of hands” will only be able to make changes onto your website. WIX automatically locks their more private features (transfer data, delete data, etc.) unless the owner of the website requests access to those functions. Finally, this tool can be extremely helpful for businesses that work in teams to curate content. For example, editing and uploading blogs works like a charm when you have multiple contributors on deck!


Steve Crayne

Founder, Starting Gate Marketing

A Top 10 Wix Agency Partner

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