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Where is My Damn Website On Google?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Since starting my small website business and becoming a WIX web design expert I have been hearing this question frequently. This past week I had five requests for proposals from new clients that want their website on the first page of search results and have a budget of $300.

Well, if you do any research, you will quickly find out that $300 buys you a "good luck with that" response from nearly every SEO and Marketing company. If someone claims they can make your website appear in the first page search rankings on Google for $300 then Run, Forrest, Run!

When I build a WIX website for clients I make sure all the SEO basics are covered from long-tail key words, page organization, mobile optimization, SEO Statements, image descriptions, connecting to Google Console, etc. WIX even has a site booster app and handy beginners SEO whiz.

But there is no magic bullet and in the real world most of my clients have a limited budget to work with. My job is to help my clients find economical ways for them to grow their website traffic and search rankings.

While I'm not an SEO expert, I am an expert at researching and learning quickly. I can sniff out the BS in sales pitches faster then my beagle can find a scrap of bacon behind the couch. I hope this article helps both current and future clients understand the basics of SEO.

So here are some excellent DIY SEO articles and video for those of us, including me, that have modest budgets.


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